We have vast knowledge of the different parts of East Africa and beyond; this has been built over time through in house training and the different assignments undertaken to-date. Our existence is founded on our appreciation of the need for safe and reliable travel services and the tourist opportunity in the beautiful people, culture, physical features/tourist sites and climate of East Africa.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
Murchison Falls National Park
Rwenzori Mountains National Park
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Kidepo Valley National Park
Mountain Elgon National Park
Semliki National Park
Kibale National Park
Lake Mburo National park

The vegetation comprises savannah woodland, pure broad leaved montane nourished by the rich volcanic soils on the slopes of Virunga ranges and is home to gorillas, blue monkey, golden monkey, black and white Columbus monkey spotted, and hyenas and a wide range of birds like the handsome Francolin, Ruwenzori Turaco etc. Apart from Mount Gahinga Lodge and the Mgahinga community campground, which are all in the park area, more accommodation is available in Kisoro Town. The right dressing for this tourist site is hiking boots for mountain climbers and water proof jackets for the rainy season

This is one of the world’s richest tourist’s sites; it is home to half the world population of the mountain gorilla species as well as some bird and butterfly species that are found only in Uganda. There is plenty of accommodation and camping facility within the park and others in the districts of Kabale, Kanungu and Kisoro. A water proof jacket is handy if you would like to stay dry in the forest area (photo of Chimp and baboons)

Have you heard of the longest river in Africa? This tourist site will give you a fusion of the river Nile punctuated by water falls, bordered by forest cover inhabited by mammals, birds, giving you opportunity for fishing, boat riding and rafting on the river Nile. Murchison has some of the best hotels and lodging facilities in Uganda; it is one of the parks with convenience of variety in accommodation ranging from camping, bandas and exquisite hotels built to accommodate all categories of clientele.

Have you ever imagined a snowed capped mountain in the tropics? The Rwenzori Mountains which forms part of the National park will marvel you, satisfying your visit with some of the rare vegetation species in the world. Although mammals are found in the park most of them are shy and the most common activity is mountain climbing, bird watching and site seeing. A number of rivers, lakes and craters punctuate this tourist site.

In this park you are guaranteed sighting of some of Africa’s most iconic species, the park’s grassland and shoreline have astonishing population of hippos, elephants and buffalos. You will also get an incredible birding treat with diversity in over 600 bird species. Get awed by riding on the gorges of the Kazinga channel which connects lakes George and Edward. Some of the best accommodation experiences like Mweya Safari Lodge will give you the comfort you deserve.

Kidepo offers you the best experience of an undisturbed habitat, the park lies in the Kidepo valley bordering southern Sudan. It is one of the largest parks in Africa giving you a true feel of life in Africa. In addition to sighting animals like lions, cheetahs, hyena and giraffes; you will be awed by the Karamojong people whose cultural practices are portrayed in their dressing, livelihood and housing construction style.

Mt Elgon is the eighth highest mountain in Africa with the broadest bas in the world. The mountain is an extinct volcano with three main waterfalls the most spectacular being the Sipii falls. The mountain peak is dotted with a number of craters which are believed to have been formed by the glaciers. Mountain Elgon is believed to have been formed as a result of the faulting activities that resulted to the Eastern rift valley. The main activities here are mountain climbing; no special climbing clothing is required here because the peaks are accessible. The park has a number of mammals and rare bird species. There a number of caves in the mountain which will give an exciting exploration opportunity; you do not want to miss community tourism during the circumcision seasons when young males are initiated into adulthood.

Like the many tourist attractions Uganda is endowed with Semliki National parks has one of the most exciting sceneries to watch. It lies in the valley on the western slope of mountain Rwenzori and forms part of the Ituri forest to the east. It has eye catching scene of two hot springs which will amaze you. The park also contains a number of rivers, which reminds one of the rivers Congo. The park has number of mammals and birds and gives you a unique central African experience as most of the features are an extension of what is found in the Ituri forest of the Congo basin.  The Batwa community presents some of the best community tourism experiences one would have in Uganda. The Batwa are forest peoples whose lives largely depend on the forest resources. They have a number of performances mainly dances at Ntandi.

This is the park with the largest diversity and number of primates in Africa, it has over 1400 chimpanzees, with east Africa’s largest population of red colobus, with a number of l’Hoest’s Monkey, black and white colobus, grey cheeked mangabey, bush baby, olive baboon, potto and red tailed and blue monkeys.

Lake Mburo is the nearest park from Kampala; it offers a marvelous opportunity for boat rides, horse riding catching a glimpse of some of the rarest animal species like Impala and the eland which is the largest antelope specie. Hippos and crocodiles greet you as you approach the lake. Lions reappeared in 2008; but they are a rare occurrence.