About Us

The Navigator Tours

We are a travel and tourists services company formed to meet the needs of local and international travelers and tourists, your gate-way to the breath taking scenery of East Africa.

Most of East Africa lies along the equator; an attribute that largely explains the unique weather, climate, fauna, flora and events in the region.We will give you the best experience; accommodating, transporting and showing you the wonders of the African culture, the tropical and Savannah vegetation cover, the unique mammals and birds in our jungles, the interlocking rivers and lakes, gushing hot springs, thunderous falls, snow-capped mountains plus the escarpments that define nature’s works. All we need to know is what you want and we will customize services for your desired experience

We offer full packages with air tickets, accommodation, transport and travel insurance, safaris and have a tested experience in fleet management for individuals, private groups, institutions, researchers, NGOs, private and public corporations, local and international agencies.

We also offer some of the best deals for accommodation, in Kampala, the national parks, and other upcountry towns.  You can live in a hotel, guest house or an apartment; the choice is totally yours. For those who prefer the experience of temporary sheltering, you are welcome to enjoy camping at different designated sites.

Meet The Team

Jane Amuge Okello

Chief Executive Officer

Dorothy Aciro

Chief Operations